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Walt Manning’s presentations highlighting the risks and dangers of fraud and cybercrime on the Dark Web is a must-have training course for 21st century fraud fighters. Anti-fraud professionals must be knowledgeable of where the criminals are operating and the techniques that they are currently employing. The information received through Mr. Manning’s presentations is engaging, eye opening, and downright frightening.

– Ryan C. Hubbs, ACFE Faculty Member and President of the Houston Chapter of the ACFE


Even after the lunch gong sound, people wanted to hear more. Your presentation at the ACFE meeting in San Antonio was a highlight.

– K. Easton


I have known Walt Manning since 1995 when I first began working for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Walt has been a member of the ACFE since 1990. Even though we now have over 75,000 members worldwide, Walt still stands out as one of our finest members. I never hesitate to recommend Walt for any job because I know he will complete it with competence and professionalism. The ACFE is proud to have him as a member, and I am proud to call him a colleague.

– John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, Vice President – Education, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


Walt Manning is one of the reasons I decided to pursue my Fraud Examiner Certification. I was an auditor with DFAS in 2001 when I took his class in computer forensics. It was a real eye-opener to me. The way Walt takes his time and explains computer tech to the untrained in such a way that we get it, we understand the dangers and the nuances of the different applications, it is something to behold. I was blown away by his accessibility and the range of his knowledge.

– Lt Col Robert J. Blair, USAF, ret


Got Ethics?  Well Walt Manning does!  He also provided me with sound business advice and provides skilled technical training.  He assisted me with improving my business plan and the security of my confidential documents. Walt stays on the cutting edge of cyber and fraud related crimes.

– Zane Kinney, CFE, PI


I can say this was the best seminar I’ve attended, ever, on any topic. Walt was expressive in his presentation, without being over the top. This topic is very interesting to me.

Best CFE program I have attended including the two our firm has given over the last two years!!!!  Walt was awesome!!

– Attendees from Kansas City ACFE Fraud Seminar, October 2015


Walt’s presentation”Crime and the Dark Net” is one of the most interesting presentations I’ve heard over the last couple of years. His willingness to research a topic most CFEs would hesitate to explore allows all of us to learn more about emerging technologies, struggles, and possible solutions for fraud examiners. To top it all off, Walt presents the technical aspects in such a way that CFEs in any discipline or of any age can understand.

– Leah Wietholter, MBA, CFE


Walt Manning’s knowledge of and expertise on the subject of the under web, also known as the dark web, was not only interesting but very educational and eye opening. If you ever have the opportunity of attending one of Mr. Manning’s seminars please don’t miss it.

– James H. Holzrichter Sr


Walt Manning is the consummate professional. Walt is an outstanding teaching professional. He presents his knowledge and experience in a relaxed manner and I walk away from his classes with lots of nuggets that I can use in my work environment.

– Steve Getzoff


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I had the opportunity to attend a workshop that Walt presented at the 2015 ACFE Global Fraud Conference, and was blown away by his material. Walt is extremely knowledgeable on highly technical and complex subjects, but is able to “de-mystify” the information so that those seeking an introduction or skills expansion on these subjects come away with useful and actionable knowledge. I highly recommend Walt for technology related fraud training!

– Melissa Smart, President, Central Ohio Chapter ACFE


One of the best presentations I have been to in a while. Great information and instructor.

The best workshop I attended. This was probably the only session where I learned something new.

This was the best session of the conference. I would like to hear more from him next year.

– Attendees from Central Ohio ACFE Fraud Seminar, October 2015


Your presentation was phenomenal!

– M. Fulop


Every year you’re here I try to get into your presentations. This is my second time and the information is better each time!

– T. Fitzgerald.


Wow! What an eye-opening presentation!

– K. Poplin


I have had the pleasure of associating with Walt for over 20 years. I continue to be amazed at his understanding of the digital world and all of its pitfalls and variabilities. And what is even more amazing is that he can explain it in such a manner that even a layman like me can understand what he is saying. In my opinion, Walt is the consummate professional in his field.

If you are looking for an individual to train your staff in any area related to digital technology or for someone to assist you in designing a security system for your IT network, without question, Walt is your man.

– Dennis F. Dycus, CFE, CPA, CGFM, Director (Retired), Division of Municipal Audit, Office of the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee


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