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Could Techno-crime InvestigationsMake You Unique?

  • Would you like to be an investigator who’s prepared for the future?
  • Are you interested in learning about topics that are beyond basic investigations?
  • How would you feel if you had skills that set you apart?
  • Do you want to be better positioned to win a new job?

Investigators who know about techno-crimes and how to investigate them are already more in demand that investigators who have allowed technology to pass them by.

More investigations involve technology in some way today, and having the knowledge and skills for these types of investigations can make you unique.

Techno-crime awareness can give you opportunities that you might otherwise not be qualified for.

Being familiar with the variety of devices that might contain useful evidence, as well as the different potential places where evidence could be stored, will make other people notice that you have valuable information that can help investigations involving technology.

  • Is there a dream job you'd like to go after?
  • Do you have specific potential clients you want to target, but you’re not sure how to get them to hire you?
  • Would you like to be your own boss, but you don’t have a business plan?

Our individual career and business coaching can help.

Why Do You Need a Coach?

Most people usually associate coaching with sports. Every elite athlete has at least one coach, if not more.

Coaches not only help teach the fundamentals, but they can also help to increase their client’s performance to even higher levels than the client might reach on their own.

Did you know that lots of business executives also have coaches? Here are a few names you might recognize – and all of them have had the help of coaches:

  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Eric Schmidt (Google)
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Would you like to see more? Here are a couple of videos that might help:

Hiring a coach provides you with someone to listen to your goals, problems, and concerns who has only one goal – to make you or your business better.

A good coach will help you to identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and help you with developing strategies to eliminate these gaps.

A coach brings an objective view, which is a different perspective than you may receive from your employees, co-workers, friends, or family.

A coach will tell you what you need to hear in a safe environment -- not just what someone thinks you might want to hear.

A coach can provide you with new ideas that you may not have considered, or be there for you to discuss your ideas in a safe environment where you don’t need to worry about criticism or negative feedback.

One of the primary benefits of working with a coach is that they can hold you accountable. It’s all too easy to get so caught up in business and other issues that may be an excuse to procrastinate putting off dealing with more important matters.

Finally, what are the things that frustrate you the most?

Is there a reason you aren’t able to get rid of them on your own?

If you can, then that’s great!

If for any reason there are things you’d like to change but haven’t, then you may want to think seriously about how a coach can help.

Let me tell you about Peter, one of our coaching clients:

Peter's Story:

Peter decided to do something different after graduating with his MBA.

Peter’s grandfather spent his entire adult life in law enforcement, and Peter grew up listening to his grandfather’s stories about different crimes and experiences.

He remembered how his grandfather described how exciting it was to track down the crooks and see the look on their faces when they were arrested.

But Peter’s dream was always to be an investigator.

He wanted to be the person to figure out how a crime had been committed, and then find the criminal to see the look in their eyes when they knew they’d been caught. Peter couldn’t think of anything that would be more satisfying and fulfilling than solving and closing a criminal case.

When Peter contacted us, he had been working in an investigations consulting firm for 2 years.

The experience had provided him with a fundamental level of training about investigations. But Peter’s relatively junior status in the firm meant that he was still being assigned mostly mundane and tedious jobs related to their engagements.

Peter wasn’t senior enough to market the firm’s services, and was beginning to feel frustrated because he didn’t feel challenged.

He felt that he didn’t have any specific skills or knowledge to help him stand out from his colleagues, and the firm only approved for him to attend very basic training related to investigations.

Peter had thought about moving to another company, but wasn’t sure it would change his work assignments very much.

He wanted to develop new skills and abilities that might get him noticed within the firm to increase his chances for promotion, and to be involved in some of the more important engagements and sales opportunities.

Peter sensed that his career wasn’t making much progress because he didn’t get the exposure to more interesting types of investigations or expanded roles within the firm. Many of the activities he did on a daily basis were feeling routine and honestly, a little boring.

Peter no longer looked forward to going to work because he thought that every day would just be more of the same. He said that he found himself watching the clock at work and looking forward to his life outside the office.

He started to wonder why he got into investigations, because his grandfather’s stories always made Peter think it would be a more challenging and exciting career.

Peter learned about techno-crimes after reading one of our blog posts, and said that he read every blog post on our website. Peter wanted to learn more, and joined our individual coaching program. We were able to help him develop a career strategy based on specializing in techno-crime investigations and consulting.

After less than a year, Peter says that he’s now considered to be a thought leader in his firm who brings new capabilities, along with new potential services to offer to their clients.

Peter is reengaged at work, and is now sought after to work on more interesting projects.

He’s also convinced that this new expertise will give him an edge if he does decide to change firms in the future, because it will make him unique when compared to other applicants for the same job.

When we met Peter, he was discouraged, and not sure what he wanted to do with his career.

Now, Peter feels like he has unlimited potential, and says that someday he wants to grow into a management role with even more responsibility.

We’re happy that Peter discovered a way to make investigations challenging and exciting…just like his grandfather’s stories.

Our Coaching Program:

The TCI Coaching Program is customized to fit the specific needs of each client.

In our first free 30-minute consultation, we discuss where you are now and why you think coaching would help you the results you’re looking for.

This call can also let us get a feel for whether TCI coaching would be a good fit. Prospective clients should know after this first conversation if the process we suggest for your individual coaching program could give you what you’re looking for.

From our perspective, we will only work with clients when we believe that our program can help. We want to hear that you are ready to improve, make any necessary changes, and have a commitment to do the work that the coach will ask you to do.

We don’t want to waste your time and money for a program you won’t benefit from, and we don’t want to waste our coach’s time working with a client who isn’t committed to the program.

Here's the Way the TCI Coaching Program Works:

If you decide to join after your initial free consultation, the starting package is for 3 months of coaching, which includes two 55-minute session every month (either by telephone or a video call). In addition, if you have other questions, you can also reach out via email.

We don’t use a timer, and if a call goes past 55 minutes to get something accomplished, then we’ll take the time we need to finish whatever topic we’re discusing.

For individual coaching, rates for this basic package start at $499, billed every month.

If you would like more than two calls each month, we will certainly work with you to develop an even more customized program that better fits your needs.

We don’t require a formal written agreement, unless you would prefer to have one. But we do ask that you just send us an email to acknowledge that you making the commitment to our coaching relationship.

We think you’ll find it to be a great investment, and that it will be one of the best investments you have ever made in your future.