Meet Walt Manning

Walt Manning


Walt Manning is an investigations futurist who researches how technology is transforming crime, and how governments, legal systems, law enforcement and investigations will need to evolve to meet these new challenges.

In his almost 40 years of experience in law enforcement and private practice he has consulted with or given presentations to organizations which include:


Walt is an internationally-recognized speaker and author, and is known for his ability to explain techno-crime investigations in ways that everyone can understand. In addition to many published articles, he has been interviewed and widely quoted in the media as an expert in this field.


Walt’s articles have appeared in:


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Walt Manning started his career as a police officer in Dallas, Texas, and later created the department’s first unit to provide support for criminal cases involving technology.

After twenty years in law enforcement, Walt founded a consulting firm specializing in digital forensics services for both civil and criminal cases.

He later served as a Director with the AlixPartners e-Discovery practice, where he helped to manage e-discovery and digital forensics services in major international criminal and civil litigation matters.

Walt’s experience in law enforcement, investigations and management has given him a unique perspective to visualize the future of investigations and new trends in techno-crimes.

Walt’s goal is to “drive and inspire the evolution of investigations” by helping investigators and organizations prepare to meet these new legal and investigative challenges of the future.

Walt is the author of the thought-provoking book Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations, where he explains why technology will force investigations to evolve. For more details about the book, click on either the book title or the book cover image below.

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