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Walt Manning

One of the most unforgettable speakers for any audience

Whether for a board of directors, senior management, or professional group, you will remember Walt’s presentations about techno-crimes as unique, possibly disturbing, but still hopeful for the future.

He will tell you about the risks from technology that you may have never heard about, while making highly technical concepts understandable. His advice regarding solutions for enhancing your security, investigations practices and privacy may help you to avoid becoming a victim.

Techno-crime is exploding.

Take action to protect yourself and your business!

“I can say this was the best seminar I’ve attended, ever, on any topic.”

“Even after the lunch gong sound, people wanted to hear more.”


Reasons why Walt is invited to speak:

  • Most people do not realize the new threats of techno-crimes and how they will impact their personal and professional lives.
  • Senior management of every organization must understand the investigative and legal implications of techno-crimes.
  • Walt’s many years of experience with conducting high-tech crime investigations and researching future technology trends gives him a distinctive perspective on techno-crimes.
  • Awareness of technology risks is the first step in improving personal and business security and protecting individual privacy.
  • Walt is consistently described as one of the most interesting speakers audiences have ever heard. See testimonials here.


Walt’s current speaking topics include:

  • Techno-Crimes and the Evolution of Investigations
  • Technologies That Will Create Crimes That You Haven’t Imagined
  • The Darknets: What You Need to Know
  • Deepfakes and Data Poisoning: The New Threat That Nobody Is Talking About
  • Untraceable Links: Tools and Techniques the Crooks Are Using to Hide From You

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Meet Walt Manning



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