Why Techno-crime Investigations Will Force You to Evolve

Technology is growing at an exponential rate.

Almost any type of investigation you can think of could involve technology in some way.

It is giving criminals new resources, tools, and techniques that they are using to commit crime.

Using technology can give the crooks an advantage, and can make it harder for you to find and stop them.

Technology will also create completely new types of crime that we’ve never seen.

As the world becomes even more connected with smart devices, investigations will become even more complicated.

We will need new experts, tools, techniques and training to deal with these techno-crimes.

We believe that technology has advanced faster than our legal systems and investigative practices.

What Changes Are Needed?

In the immediate future, we believe that technology is becoming so sophisticated that many investigators will be forced to specialize in either one or a small number of technologies or by types of cases.

New investigative strategies, along with different models requiring investigative teams

This means that for any engagement, a team of investigative specialists might be required, each having a particular expertise and ability to satisfy the needs of the engagement.

You’ll need some way to identify and connect with these specialists, who might be anywhere in the world.

In fact, you’ll probably need to have more than one resource for every area of the technology, due to the timing of the engagement and the specialists’ availability.

Evaluating and validating their expertise, negotiating rates, and managing an investigations team will become valuable and even critical skills.

Expanding your network to connect with investigative specialists will become a lot more important than it has been in the past.

Where Are You Now?

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Our Goal

Our goal is to drive and inspire the evolution of investigations so that together, the investigations profession will be prepared for this new environment.

We want you to be successful.

The world is depending on you.