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Could YOU investigate these techno-crimes?

  • A terrorist loads a self-driving car with explosives and programs it to drive to your local high school stadium to detonate during a football game.
  • Your office computer network has been infected with ransom ware that encrypts all of your data unless you pay a ransom with Bitcoin. There is no way to trace the suspect.

Do you feel unprepared for techno-crime investigations?

Many organizations and investigators aren't ready for techno-crime investigations.

  • Could you handle an investigation involving every type of technology?
  • Are you interested in becoming a techno-crime investigator?
  • How will your practice transform to deal with these types of cases?
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Technology is evolving exponentially...have you?

Most investigators aren't prepared for the techno-crimes we already have today, much less for the ones that we'll see in the future.

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